Build your casino online with createIT

You might have stumbled upon a few top online casinos, you might have even played some of the most popular casino games, either offline or online. Perhaps you own an online casino account and play games from time to time. And maybe, just maybe, you have wondered how it feels to be the owner of a platform providing such entertainment. Developing an online gambling site and then managing it may seem like a daunting task at first, but it all becomes clear with the right people at your side. Give us a minute, and we will show you the ropes.


Your very own online casino business

In this day and age, all industries need to establish some form of online presence to remain relevant in a world where so much has been digitized. Gambling is no different. In fact, the European Gambling and Betting Association reported that just between 2019 and 2021 the online gambling sector in Europe grew by nearly 30%, and the revenue is expected to double by the end of 2026. This is one of the best moments to establish your position on the market, and it just so happens that…


...we build online gambling sites

And we have been doing this since 2015. From offline physical machines to online casino sites, we have built a number of successful casino and entertainment brands, providing individual services as well as turnkey solutions built from scratch. With over 16 years on the international software development market and a constantly growing multinational team of well over 100 talented specialists, createIT is a brand worth your trust.


The features that will place your brand among the best online casinos

The best online gambling sites are the ones that manage to successfully combine a number of key aspects. Below you will find all the critical elements to make your establishment shine – elements that we will provide.

A modern online gambling site

Online competition is massive these days, and the online gambling sphere is one of the fastest growing markets. Good looks and exciting design are no longer enough to stand out from the crowd. State-of-the-art tech is just one element, the platform has to be focused on providing the best user experience (UX), which is a top priority to consider as early as in the concept phase. Build your casino from the ground up with profits and users in mind. The platform has to evoke the feeling of trust, both for its players as well as the owner. After all, we are talking about real money… large sums of real money. Security is paramount. Optimization is another key factor to always bear in mind. High technical performance is important for the website to run smoothly on all devices, and it has to be combined with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to rank higher in Google search results and outrun the competition. Both aspects are related, and should be worked on from the start.

The best online casino games

Your games are the highlight of your platform, whether these are slot games, classic table games, roulette, video poker games, online poker tournaments, progressive jackpot games, sports betting or some other type. The service has to be top of the line, which means your original titles have to be bug-free, while complete solutions have to be sourced from trusted providers. Variety is the spice of life and people like to be given a choice so you should not settle for just a few options. We are here to provide the best ones.

Attractive casino bonuses keeping both sides happy

People like free chances. Providing the best casino bonuses while keeping ROI in check is an art in itself. Good “freebies” and bonus games boost traffic, which translates to more income, but a clear line has to be drawn. Nowadays, most people that are into casino gaming also expect seasonal events, while an attractive welcome bonus will help the hesitant ones take that first step. We’ll make it all work for you and your clients.

Manage your top online casino with ease

Once development is finished, you are given all the necessary easy to learn and master tools to manage your platform. We will take you through the process until you feel comfortable with your newly found gambling site and are ready to take the reins.

Explore and expand

The only permanent thing in life is change. Never miss an opportunity to evolve. By observing market trends as well as your competition, we will help you be one step ahead of your rivals. Grow and expand, build your online real money gambling empire, introduce new games and services, and learn from your environment. When a new opportunity arises, we will be there for you to incorporate it into your establishment. Progress is your ally and will make your audiences want to come back for more to see what’s new.

Compliance assured

Setting up an online casino entails a fair share of paperwork. No need to worry about legal regulations. Rest assured that the online real money casinos we build comply with all the required laws, regardless of the country. Our expert legal advisors take care of everything for you.

Build your community…

The best customer is the loyal one that keeps coming back. Create a thriving community through VIP memberships and loyalty programs that benefit both sides. Keep your community together by organizing premium events and awarding special prizes. We will help you keep the excitement running.

Top-of-the line security

Maintaining a site with frequent transactions requires extra levels of security. The safety of your business is our top priority and we have dedicated specialists just for this subject alone. Secure transactions, two-factor authentication, software and legal updates, encrypted protocols and other solutions will be incorporated to prevent your platform from becoming prey to hacking, malware and other hazards of modern internet.

Spread your wings with our digital marketing

Even the best casino websites won’t generate much traffic without the skillful help of digital marketing specialists. Our SEO activities, including technical site optimization and SEO optimized content, combined with skillful ad campaigns will spread the word about your new casino site and bring more people to your platform. Masterful advertising via the right channels will help you through the first difficult steps of initial growth.

We’ll help you maintain your edge

Completing a project is a huge milestone, and the next important step is to keep it alive. Our tech support will be here to react to any future issues. The web evolves sometimes in unexpected ways and it is our job to make sure your platform is not left behind. We provide the necessary technical and legal support, making sure your online casino is up to date and does not lag behind in this ever-changing virtual environment.

Turnkey solutions

We can either help you with a specific area when building your presence in gambling online, e.g., by providing a specific solution to your site – games, chat, payment processors, UX design, etc. – but we can also provide end-to-end products where you simply present your vision to us and we built upon it to create the platform of your dreams. By doing everything from start to finish, it is easier and faster to ensure the smooth cooperation between all of the individual elements of the platform.


We are your best bet

Being among the very best real money online casinos is an exciting experience, and while risk is an inevitable part of the gambling industry, you should not gamble when choosing the right people for the job. Our company has been providing custom web development solutions for nearly two decades, and we have brought to life a number of successful gambling and entertainment platforms in the last 7+ years. If you are planning your adventure with casinos online from the ownership side, let us be your guide. Contact createIT and let’s talk about your next big casino project, after all – we are your best bet.